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About Us

A diverse group of friends created the Melbourne Curry Club (MCC) in Victoria, Australia in 2001. The aim was simple; to find the best Indian, Thai and Malay curry Victoria had to offer. The MCC consists of people who are passionate about making and/or eating curry and have a deep appreciation of all things 'curry' related (this of course includes beer).   On the first Sunday of each month, members and their guests congregate at one of the city's many curry chapels... and eat, drink and get very chatty...

The idea behind the MCC is to get together on a regular basis over a curry and a beer (or wine, spirits or whatever). A mango lassi comes highly recommend too.
  However, it is not all food and fun - in the process we hope to find those Restaurants making and supplying the best curry in Melbourne city and in Victoria. Restaurant are given a rating (1 = poor to 5 = outstanding) based on atmosphere, presentation, flavour and authenticity. For more information about the MCC 'rules' see Policy section.


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